LEVEL X Computer Repair
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Disclosure - This business is no longer in public operation and no longer represents a conflict of interest. This site now serves as a reference point only.
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LEVEL X Computer Repair
Partner Solutions
We offer full service laptop repair on all brands of Microsoft Windows computers.  Our policy is to provide free diagnostics, free estimates, no hidden charges, and if you don't repair with us you don't pay.

Many of the smaller computer repair companies/shops are trying to keep up with the technology that breaks down, especially in laptops.  Many are trying to learn how to do power jack replacements and so on.  The fact is, there are not as many well trained electronics repair technicians as there are computer repair shops out there.  Many of these smaller shops are forced to either not offer certain laptop repair services or just turn their customers over to a larger companies defering their business right out the door.  We have gathered the resources of many well trained technicians to step in the that area where you need help the most.
We've talked to many wonderful people that are trying to start their repair business or just make money on the side and didn't know a service like this existed.  If you don't know how to do the repair, don't give up, don't turn your customers away, give us a call, let us help your business.